Rockette Blogger Recap

It’s Opening Night: We couldn’t be more excited to kick-off the Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring the Rockettes here in Omaha! Making their Omaha debut at the Orpheum Theater, 18 Rockettes will be performing 34, 90 minute, shows throughout their 18 day run.

Earlier this fall, a group of Omaha bloggers were chosen for an exclusive meet & greet/Q&A with two visiting Rockettes. Over the past few months, these bloggers have been introducing you to the Rockettes in new ways through a variety of topics from fashion and family to history and travel! In celebration of Opening Night, we are revisiting these fabulous, Rockette-inspired, posts!

Blogger 1 – Sara Sabaliauskas
Rockette Glitz & Glam
Blogger 2 – Dana Zucker
Life On The Road As A Rockette
Rockettes Meet & Greet 011

Blogger 3 – Erin Fairchild
Food & Fitness With The Rockettesrockette workout
Blogger 4 – Mardra Sikora
Beyond Skin Deep – Rockette Beauty

Blogger 5 – Ashley Rich
Behind The Rockette’s Signature Look

Blogger 6 – Lisa Collins
Family Support Encourages Rockettes
Blogger 7 – Kim Reiner
The History of the Rockettes1971
Blogger 8 – Heather Longnecker
A New York Christmas Comes To Omaha
Blogger 9 – Michelle Bazis
Where to find the Rockettes in Omaha
tree lighting

What’s Next?
Heroes’ Night – November 18th
Omaha Performing Arts & The Rockettes salute our military
with a dedicated performance of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will be at the Orpheum Theater November 13-30th, 2014. Tickets are on sale now at

For more information about performances coming to the Orpheum Theater or Holland Center, follow Omaha Performing Arts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Family Support Encourages Rockettes

Written by: Lisa Collins
Twitter: @amomontheside

Lisa lives in the midwest and works at home while raising twins, an 8 year old, and a teen. She loves family adventures, traveling, concerts, and a cold glass of Moscato. You can find her blogging at and

4 Tips for Dance Moms
You work hard all season to prepare for the big day. Hair gets styled, makeup gets done, costumes put on with all their accessories, and shoes laced up. You line up, walk on stage, and hope you remember everything you have been taught. The life of a dancer. Exciting, stressful, and one of the most awesome things I have been a part of in my life. I was pretty excited to meet two of the Rockettes recently and it brought me back to my dancing days.

Rachel Borgman grew up in Nebraska and is now in New York City performing as one of the Rockettes. Her father supported her throughout her dancing career and was always there for her – makes me think of my mom. Growing up a dancer, my mom was always right there with me. Making sure I practiced, had shoes that fit, was dressed for recital, and reminding me to “look out over their heads at the back of the auditorium” so I wouldn’t lose to stage fright during recital. She consoled me when I cried over hideous dance outfits and pictures and cheered me on when I finally mastered wings in tap. I remember all of those things, but I had no idea how much of herself she gave me to me and dancing…until  I was doing the same.


Photos: Rachel’s parents traveled to Omaha while the Rockettes were visiting. If you look closely, you’ll see her parents joining the dance lesson and proudly taking photos in the background.

Being a Dance Mom, especially when you have child that enters Competition Dance, takes a lot of out you. Many nights spent at the studio, many days on the road traveling to competitions, many dollars spent on lessons, shoes, and costumes. Yes, that can all seem overwhelming, and at times it is, but being a Dance Mom to a child that loves dance, is one of the best rewards ever. To help you get through all those dance lessons, dance recitals, and dance competitions, here are some of my best Tips for Dance Moms.

Tip #1 Listen to your Dancer
It can be hard for those of us that danced, to keep our feelings and thoughts separate from our child’s. I loved tap and wanted my daughter to love tap. She came to me during her second year of tap and said she didn’t like it anymore. As much as I wanted to watch her tap, I couldn’t make her. What I did do was have her finish the year she had started, and the following year she didn’t take tap. I taught her that she couldn’t give up on things that she started, but I also taught her that how she feels matters.


Tip #2 Be Involved
Whether they are visiting New York, texting 24/7, or sending care packages to remind them of home, the Rockettes shared how important it is to stay connected with their family. Rockette, Karilyn Surratt, explained how her family understands the busy schedule of “Rockette Season,” but she can always tell when she hasn’t heard her mom’s voice in a while.  Not only does being involved show your child that you care, it will also help you too feel more comfortable. I volunteered to be a room parent for recitals, helped with costumes, and lent a hand around the dance studio when things got hectic. Doing so I was able to get to know other Dance Moms better, get to know the dance teacher better, and ultimately feel more comfortable and less stressed on those big important days.

5 Ways To Cheer On A Young Dancer

Tip #3 Learn Hair Styles
You can save a lot of money by doing your dancer’s hair yourself. The Rockettes do their own hair and makeup for their shows so I think we can do our dancers’ hair and makeup for their recitals and competitions. Am I right? Pinterest is overloaded with hair tutorials and all you need are one or two that you can recreate. If nothing else, find another Dance Mom to show you her tricks, like the French Twist that is passed down from Rockette to Rockette.


Tip #4 Celebrate with other Dance Moms
When the curtain drops on the recital and all the trophies at the competition are handed out, it’s time to celebrate. First or last, you and your dancer made it through another year. You hug and kiss your dancer, give them flowers, and tell them how proud you are of them. We even have cake and ice cream afterward. Then, it’s time for YOU to celebrate that you made it through another year as a Dance Mom. Grab your fellow Dance Moms and celebrate however you want, but recognize all the hard work that you put in as well.


Being a Dance Mom has provided me with some of the best family memories I could ask for. I can’t wait to continue those family memories at The Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes at the Orpheum Theater!

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will be at the Orpheum Theater November 13-30th, 2014. Tickets are on sale now at

For more information about performances coming to the Orpheum Theater or Holland Center, follow Omaha Performing Arts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jazz on the Green

A Family Tradition

Written By: Kim Reiner

I’ve been going to Jazz on the Green concerts long before I was an Omaha Performing Arts employee. It was the summer series my friends and I looked forward to the most. It wasn’t really summer until we were outdoors, listening to live music and having a picnic with, what it felt like, half of Omaha.

Jazz-on-Green-8-16-12-Charlotte-3WM-600x450 (1)

2 years ago – my daughter

Now, it’s part of my job to be at some of those concerts, and it’s a good gig to have. I love hearing the great music and the atmosphere is festive. Even if I’m not working, I’m often at the concerts. It’s become a family tradition to bring the kids out to at least one. They love dancing up by the stage.

So, one Jazz on the Green at Midtown Crossing concert is in the books for 2014 already – five concerts remain!

I’ve been looking forward to July 17 Navy Night ever since I heard about the Leap Frogs landing on the green before the band takes the stage. My kids are going to love seeing the parachute team! I doubt they’ll stay awake for the fireworks after the show, though.

The other four shows in the lineup are Conjunto Chappottin y Sus Estrellas on July 24; Big Sam’s Funky Nation on July 31; Sing, Sing, Swing Orchestra on August 7; and the legendary New Orleans jazz band, Dirty Dozen Brass Band on August 14.

Time to start calling your friends to see who’ll join you on the green, right?

  What’s next?
Cox Music & Movies: Fridays
Holland Center | Courtyard

Interns Aid NHSTA 2014

By Michelle Bazis & Gretchen Pille

The Internship Experience

Omaha Performing Arts’ education initiatives connect to the community through a range of enriching arts and educational experiences, including internship programs within the following departments: Development and Special Events, Marketing, Programming and Education.

The Organization’s summer event calendar holds fantastic opportunities for interns to gain hands-on experience; the first of which was the Nebraska High School Theatre Awards on June 12th. From preparation to follow-up, the three interns proved to be a tremendous aid. For the Marketing Intern, support continued with content collaboration for this blog post.

Despite the stereotype, filing is an important part of the internship experience. Business operations rely on diligent record keeping. As an intern for Omaha Performing Arts, University of Nebraska Lincoln student, Gretchen, spent time getting acquainted with the Organization’s process. “Some days it’s a trip downstairs to the marketing closet to archive posters and banners. Most of the time, I am filing promotional materials. My favorite part of the archival process is seeing how marketing styles have progressed over the seasons; like some pretty nifty programs for a roller-skating show in the 50s. My goal as a marketing intern here is to get a better picture of how the arts are promoted.”

Nebraska High School Theatre Awards Preparation

Omaha Performing Arts is dedicated to arts education in the community, exercised through hands-on internships and a variety of other programs. In addition to administrative responsibilities, interns are submerged in the development, organization and collaboration within an industry career. “On top of my day-to-day projects, I get to sit-in on meetings and learn about ad planning. Last week, I helped prepare for first ever Nebraska High School Theater Awards! In the few days preceding the event, I wore the hat of ‘people-wrangler’ for rehearsals, showing high school students around the maze that is the Holland Center and gathering performers before their acts. I enjoyed running around backstage just as much as running around onstage. The Development Intern and I were Vanna Whites for the event, trading in our snappy business attire for gowns and heels to present trophies to the winners. It was incredibly glamorous, and I only tripped once. I was even featured on the news!  Now that the red carpet is rolled up, I recall fondly the glitz and glamor of the night and look forward to helping the next big event here at Omaha Performing Arts, Jazz on the Green. Wish me luck!

For more information about Omaha Performing Arts’ internship opportunities, click the PDF links below, or visit our website.

Intern Job Description | Intern Application

The Nebraska High School Theatre Awards is year-long program that recognizes outstanding musical theatre productions and students in Omaha and surrounding communities.


Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for the latest arts news and behind the scenes action!

  What’s next?
Jazz on the Green: Thursdays, July 10th – August 14th
Cox Music & Movies: Fridays, July 11th – 25th

Helping Students Grow In The Arts

By Kim Reiner [December 16, 2013]

Each year, more than 10,000 local students learn, grow and are transformed through Omaha Performing Arts’ Education and Community Involvement Programs. These educational programs and community outreach efforts are central to our mission. They are opportunities for youth and adults to fully appreciate and participate in the arts.

A few 2013 Education and Community Involvement highlights:

– In the spring, we took illusionist Kevin Spencer out into the community to present free entertaining and interactive magic shows at The Arc of Omaha at the Ollie Webb Center, Children’s Hospital and Quality Living, Inc.

– This summer, we launched Nebraska High School Theatre Awards. The program supports and celebrates achievements in high school theatre, culminating in an annual showcase.

– In November, young actors attended a Master Class with Kevyn Morrow, an Omaha native who was a cast member in the Broadway touring production of ELF THE MUSICALKevyn helped the students hone auditioning skills.

These experiences only happen because of the generous support of friends and donors like you. You have the power to ensure these programs remain strong and continue to grow for years to come!

Please make a tax-deductible gift at today to keep the arts and arts education thriving in Omaha.