Secrets Behind The Rockette’s Signature Look

Written by Ashley Rich
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Ashley writes at If You Give A Girl A Ring, a lifestyle blog that documents her travels, beauty and fashion favorites, running race recaps and life as a newlywed. She is a graphic designer and marketing professional and lives with her husband and 2 dogs in Omaha.

The Secrets Behind The Rockettes Signature Look
When you’re a Rockette, you rehearse for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for 6 weeks before you finally get that moment to kick your heels onstage. Once the holiday season kicks off, the Rockettes perform in up to 4 shows a day, 6 days a week and they do it all while looking fabulous. So what does it take to look so glamorous while dancing under those bright stage lights? Recently, I was able to meet 2 of the Rockettes that perform in this famous holiday show and they shared some of the behind-the-scene secrets of what it takes to really look like a Rockette.


Each Rockette does their own hair and makeup
All of the Rockettes must look the same onstage and each girl is required to do their hair in the signature French twist. This might not be an easy task for a new rookie, but the girls say they form a sisterhood and each one helps out the other to learn how to do their hair. The Rockettes are split into smaller dressing rooms and veteran Rockettes request to have a rookie in their room to help them out and learn the ropes.

Rockette Tip for doing your hair: Don’t wash your hair every day when styling it. Dirty hair that is day-old will hold better than clean hair.

They can do their hair and makeup…fast!
The girls come in early before a show starts not only to stretch but to begin their hair and makeup routine too. It takes about 15 minutes to do their makeup before the show and have fast touch-ups in between scenes during the show.

Want to know the best pose to do when taking a photo?
If you notice when the Rockettes pose, they always have their hands on their hips. Their secret? Place your thumb in front instead of the back when placing your hand on your hip for a pose. This makes your biceps look more toned.


Finding makeup that is sweat-proof is necessary
Kicking under those hot lights certainly makes the Rockettes work up a sweat. Oil blotting sheets are essentials for each of the girls to use while they touch up between each dance. While each Rockette has her own favorite makeup products, some of the staples that can be found in their makeup bag include a moisturizer to calm irritated skin, foundation primer, liquid eyeliner, and fake eyelashes.

Red lipstick is essential to the Rockette look
Rockettes always sport a trendy red lip. A brand favorite for them is MAC lipstick in either Red or Russian Red.


Do your hair before you start your makeup
Prior to starting your makeup, the Rockettes do their hair first. The reasoning behind this? If you reverse this part of the routine, your forehead will get shiny from the hairspray.

Now it’s your turn, what makeup essentials or tips could you not live without?

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