Life On The Road As A Rockette

Written by Dana Zucker

I am Dana Zucker, contributor and Food Editor of  I focus on luxury travel and travel for families and triathletes around the world on my personal websites, TriWivesClub and MomsGoodEats.  When not on the road, I can be found cooking, eating, and adventuring around Omaha!


The Rockettes have 120 dancers divided into four casts and two of them spend their time on the road.  This year, one of the two traveling casts will be in Nashville and the other will split their time between Omaha and Houston.  They are on the road September through January; right smack in the middle of all the holiday gatherings.

As a travel writer, people often say to me that I have the best life traveling all the time and get to just have fun, while playing on the road.  While it is a great life, it is also work for me, some of the time.

Rockettes Meet & Greet 011

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Rockettes, Rachel and Karilyn, as a guest blogger for Omaha Preforming Arts!  I am so fortunate to work with an amazing group of travel writers that are moms at so I asked what they wanted to know.  Here are their questions and the Rockettes’ answers…

Kim Orlando is the TMOM Founder, who sends us moms all over the world for articles. Are any of the Rockettes moms?

Karilyn, who first took a deep breath, stepped back and said, “Yes and I have so much respect for them, to do what I do and have a family to take care of”.

TMOM Desiree Miller, who had the opportunity to dance with the Rockettes in Atlanta. Last year, when I was dancing with the Rockettes, one told me that you spend all summer in Myrtle Beach. Do you?

Karilyn and Rachel both replied that the Rockettes are all over the place during their off season.  Many work at other jobs or preform in summer groups and teach.  But, there are some Rockettes who work year-round, traveling for the company.  The Rockettes that are cast in the traveling production, however, spend a good portion of the Fall in Myrtle Beach where rehearsals take place.

TMOM Sue Rodman and TMOM Kim- Marie Evans wanted to know what all TMOMs struggle with when traveling. What do you eat?

Karilyn and Rachel were similar with their answers.  Both, during rehearsal and during shows, are very active.  During show season, they are doing 300 kicks a show for 4 shows a day, plus all the dancing and costume changes.  So, they eat a lot.  When on the road, they always have a refrigerator backstage and in their rooms, but foods easy to eat and carry are always best.  The biggest struggles are proteins and electrolytes.  Favorites are pickles (due to the sodium content which is can be lost while performing), cups and squeeze packs of peanut butter, and those tuna fish packs.  When flying, these are easy to carry on the plane.  But, the real favorites are always care packages from home.  

TMOM Scotty Reiss. Do you ever get time to break away and explore the city and what has been your favorite city?

One of Karilyn’s favorite cities is San Diego, because it’s so beautiful in the winter. Rachel’s was easy; It’s Omaha this year, since Nebraska is her home state.

With rehearsals and shows, it can get really hard to breakaway and see the city or region they are in, but many times they push themselves to get up early and get out and explore. TMOM Founder Cindy Richards. Do you have roadies, because we as TMOMs would love roadies? Oh yea, we are our own roadies…

 The Rockettes travel with a team that helps a lot, but they are each responsible for their own stuff.  The production team is a huge part of what they do.

Photo courtesy of Radio City Christmas Spectacular Facebook

TMOM Mary Dixon Lebeau. How do you keep yourselves so stage worthy on the road?

One of the things the Rockettes are grateful for is the wardrobe department that hits the road with them.  But, each Rockette is responsible for getting their own make up and hair done themselves for each show and appearance.

And me, well I want to know what’s in your carry on besides your dance shoes?

The most important item the Rockettes carry are their phone chargers, to stay connected with family and friends.  But, more special are pictures of friends and family.  Karilyn shared with us that her friends even make her special photo albums to take with her, which makes it even more valuable.  


As with everything else, the Rockettes travel with such class and grace.  We TMOMs strive to do that and write about it at the same time.  With the kids in tow and no wardrobe department, we have a lot to learn from the Rockettes.

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will be at the Orpheum Theater November 13-30th, 2014. Tickets are on sale now at

 For more information about performances coming to the Orpheum Theater or Holland Center, follow Omaha Performing Arts on Facebook, Twitter, andInstagram.


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