Radio City Christmas Spectacular – Glitz & Glam

Written by Sara Sabaliauskas
Instagram: @sarasab

I am SO excited to be collaborating with Omaha Performing Arts as a guest blogger for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!  I was offered a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the timeless, most glamorous, and uber talented group, The Rockettes!  The Rockettes are simply dreamy!  Their sheer glamour and classic beauty speaks to all women, no matter what age or style.


What does it mean to be a Rockette? Two words: “Class” and “Grace”.  That is the epitome of a Rockette.  It is such a large part of American culture and a valued tradition for so many families during the Holiday season.  Most young dancers look up to the Rockettes and aspire to reach the Great Stage of Radio City Music Hall and dance under those bright lights!  Rachel and Karilyn were so gracious to share their point-of-view about life as a Rockette!

First, I was dying to learn all about show-time prep aka their beauty routine, and much to my surprise (I couldn’t believe it!) the ladies do their own hair and makeup! Um, excuse me? Their faces are flawless! Teach me your ways, please!  These ladies have this process down to a science!  They are pro’s, in every sense of the word!

Now let’s get to their insanely gorgeous costumes!  Rachel’s favorite look is the ‘Shine’, which is covered in 3,000 crystals! It is no wonder that those ladies command attention and shine bright while giving the performance of a lifetime!  Karilyn revealed some challenges that go along with live performances and explains that in costumes like the fan favorite ‘Reindeer’ she has had the bowler hat get caught on the bells while performing.  And I thought I had wardrobe issues?!

Shine compressed

R93-2 Retouched

How do the ladies like to dress while not suited up in head-to-toe sequins and sparkle?  They are just like us! They prefer comfort and ease, like the everyday kind-of-gal!  Karilyn reaches for comfortable slacks and jeans that are versatile and easy to wear.  She feels her best in flowy tops and pieces that accentuate her slim and trim waistline!  Rachel trades in those metallic silver dance shoes for her favorite pair of cowboy boots! Quite the different look and I honestly loved hearing this because I love the idea of unexpected looks; pushing those style boundaries and limits! Rachel is also all about comfort when she dresses for the day and is a big fan of a good Nike tennie! Who isn’t?

So I mayyyy not have these exact ensembles lying around in my wardrobe, but I do own some pretty glitzy jewelry pieces that I feel resonate with and emulate that glamorous look the Rockettes are known for!

1 2 3 And what does one wear when gearing up for a Christmas-inspired Winter Extravaganza? For September, I opted for Fall hues incorporating my go-to play on patterns with a bit of red & green to get me in the Holiday/Rockette spirit!

4 5

And while we all cannot be a Rockette (I mean, in our dreams, yes!), their message is positive, uplifting, and reigns true for any woman who is following her dreams:

If it’s something that you really want to do, never give up on it.  I grew up wanting to do this, wanting to dance.  Work hard and keep going to your dance classes. ” – Rachel

New York at Christmas

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will be at the Orpheum Theater November 13-30th, 2014. Tickets are on sale now at

 For more information about performances coming to the Orpheum Theater or Holland Center, follow Omaha Performing Arts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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